Vote No Table Games on December 5, 2009
Table Games for Jefferson County?
"A Bad Bet Based On False Promises"
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12/5/09 - Referendum Day - Go to your Precinct to Vote!

12/2/09 - Last day to vote early!

11/27/09 - New video on a PNGI casino in Maine and it's impact on the community is available on our Video Links page. Also more content is available on our Resources page to review.

11/13/09 - Early Voting Started

Upcoming Town Hall Forums:
11/9/09 - Charles Town Library - 7PM
11/16/09 - Charles Town Library - 7PM

10/24/09 - Donations!
We can now receive donations via PayPal. Please contribute any amount you can give to help us get our message out.

10/18/09 - Website updates
We've added a new video page, and updated our Q&A section. More to come as we continue to bring you the facts on the effects of increasing gambling in this area.

9/15/09 - Casino Watch - Casinos Impact on Communities
A great article based on solid research that describes the overall effect of a casino on the community around it.New Casinos Impact.pdf

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Despite what has been said, table gaming is not a good deal for Jefferson County. Far more money than is being legislated would be required to cover the hidden costs of table games and casino gambling.  Even if the funds were sufficient, as a community, are we willing to accept everything that will come with table gaming in order to procure a small amount of funds for our schools?

On this site, we have provided answers to the questions most people are asking regarding bringing table gaming to Jefferson County and its impact.  There are also resources, including links to other sites for more detailed information and statistics.  We are not looking for people to blindly vote against the referendum, but rather, we want to present the facts and let those facts speak for themselves.  Take a look at what is presented here and we think you will agree ... the price is far too high!

Please join us December 5, 2009 and vote against Casino Gambling for Jefferson County. 

Here are some recent letters written by our supporters to various papers that detail the many ways that table games are not a good deal for Jefferson County!

Lisa Petretta - Casinos would ruin Jefferson County - Read it here!

Shauna Johnstone - Jefferson doesn't need more gambling - Read it here!

Brian Lovejoy - Innocent person interrogated - Read it here!

Linda Hoffman - Relying on gambling losses is bad for the economy - Read it here!

Linda Hoffman - Gambling: A decline in cultural values - Read it here!

Lynn Welsh - Table games threatens horse racing industry - Read it here!

One last flyer to give to your friends that haven't voted yet - Vote NO While You Still Can!

More letters can be found on our "Who We Are" page!

More traffic and congestion
More overcrowded schools
More casinos = high-rise hotels
More crime and addictions
More profits for Penn National
Less economic growth for Jefferson County
More problems for Jefferson County
Do we really want Jefferson County to become the next Atlantic City or Las Vegas?
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