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Gambling Facts
Listed below are just some of the facts regarding gambling and social issues surrounding it.  For more information, please visit our "Resources" section
Gambling Expansion Will Harm Our Community
Penn National wants us to believe that table gaming will help our county.  They're spending a lot of money to get this message out. Can we believe their sales pitch?  Will table games enhance our community or be a detriment?  Surely the leader of the gaming industry itself should know.  The CEO of the American Gaming Association, Frank Fahrenkopf, said,

"People have the right to go to the ballot box and determine what they want the quality of life to be in their own area.  Now if someone were to come along and tell me that they were going to put a casino in McLean, Virginia, where I live, I would probably work very very hard against it. I just don't -- what's the old saying, "NIMBY, not in my back yard"?

If the top gun of the casino industry wouldn't want table games in his back yard, why should we?  What does he know that the table gaming promoters are not telling us?  If table gaming could help any community, certainly Nevada would be the finest role model.  However, take a look at the statistics:

Rank Category Link Source
1 Most danerous state in the nation Morgan Quitno Press, which has published comparative analysis for more than 15 years, released its latest ?safety? rankings and found the gambling state the most dangerous place in the nation. The company compared rates per 100,000 for murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft.
1 Suicides Highest in the nation from 1990-1999. Other states have won the honor in 2,000 and 2001, but Nevada has never dropped below third. As the experts note, ?Annual fluctuations in state levels combined with often relatively small populations can make these data highly variable. The use of several years? data is preferable to conclusions based on single years alone.
1 Divorce At 6.8 per 1,000, Nevada is 1.7 times the national average. U.S. Bureau of Census, 2001
1 Prostitution 10 of Nevada?s 17 counties split about $500,000 in license fees for 28 licensed brothels that hire hundreds of women. State health officials estimate those women perform about 365,000
1 Women killed by men Sue Glick, "Number of Females Murdered by Males in Single Victim Offender Homicides and Rates by States, 1996, ranked by Rate," Violence Policy Center, Washington D.C., Sept. 1998
1 Gambling addictions Rob Bhatt, "Assigning Responsibility for Gambling," Las Vegas Business Press, June 22, 1998
3 High-school dropouts National Center for Education Statistics
3 Poor mental health Nevada residents reported they were in poor mental health 39% of the past 30 days in 2001. Kaiser Family Foundation.
3 Alcohol related deaths National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2002
4 Bankruptcies 2004 estimates for all states
4 Deaths from firearms 17.3 per 100,000. US average 10.2 in 2000. Kaiser Family Foundation.
10 Prison population U.S. Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs
47 Voter participation Federal Elections Commission, 2000 Presidential Election

Gambling Brings Addiction and Crime
We do not have to guess what kind of impact gambling expansion will have on local communities in West Virginia.  After all, since state government expanded gambling five years ago, we have seen a 450% in calls for help from problem gamblers.  These calls for help have human faces and reflect real human pain, pain that impacts people who never even thought of gambling.  Take a look at these statistics:

In the first three years after Atlantic City legalized gambling, it went from 50th to 1st in the nation in per-capita crime.  Nevada has never dropped below 3rd.
Crime in Atlantic City is approximately three times the national average, and the murder rate is twice the national average, according to FBI data.
In the five years since Deadwood, South Dakota legalized gambling, serious crime has risen 93%.
In the first three years after Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut opened, robbery, car theft, and larceny all increased more than 400%.
A U.S. News & World Report analysis found average crime rates in casino communities to be 84% higher than communities without casinos.

Need More Facts and Information?
Take a look in our "Resources" section.  There you will find links to many different sites with detailed facts and information related to table gaming and it's effects & costs.  We also have downloadable versions of flyers which you can give to people you know and would like to inform regarding the upcoming vote and the wide-ranging effects it will bring.

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