Vote No Table Games on December 5, 2009
Videos To Watch
We have found these videos to be informative, thoughtful and relative to the expansion of table games in Jefferson County
A video on another PNGI casino in Bangor Maine and it's impact on the local community.
A video with Steve Wynn on Casino's. Listen to see who the only winner in the gambling business is!

Watch Steve Wynn's 'CASINO BREEDING'
An informative video on the dangers and consequences of gambling addictions.
Since PNGI is advocating increasing gambling for the "benefit" of our kids, just what are we teaching them?

A CBS special on Compulsive Gambling Addictions
Fireside Chat with Warren Buffett and Tom Grey
Warren Buffett, one of America's most respected businessmen, talks with NCALG/NCAGE Executive Director Tom Grey about the impact of gambling on government, citizens and the economy.
Four National Experts Discuss Gambling vs. Governance
Acclaimed economist Earl Grinols, Pulitzer prize winning author Taylor Branch, Governor Donald Carcieri and respected businessman Warren Buffett talk about the proper role of government and the spread of gambling.
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